Adele Kempton

“I suppose it’s just listening that’s the most important thing. Sometimes we haven’t got an answer for something but just the fact that they’ve got you on the other end.”

Adele Kempton first experienced depression as a teenager, and was eventually diagnosed as bi-polar. Her experience of a mental health condition helps with her work at Mind in Kingston. Offering services to people across the Borough, Mind aims to promote mental health in the community in a positive light.

  1. Extract 1: Biplar diagnosis Adele Kempton 03:10
  1. Extract 2: Working for Mind Adele Kempton 03:07
  1. Extract 3. Mental health services Adele Kempton 03:16

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  1. Full interview Adele Kempton 51:28

Surname Kempton
Given names Adele Linda
Date of birth 1963
Place of birth Epsom, Surrey
Date of interview 23 May 2017
Length of interview 00:51:33
Number of tracks 1
Name of interviewers Rhian Betty, Ijeoma Aniyeloye, Jen Kavanagh

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