Ali Kashmiri

Ali Kashmiri“I got involved in the disability movement, not because I wanted to or because I felt it was all I wanted to do, but because I thought, hang on, why have we got all these barriers, what’s going on?”

Ali Kashmiri has been a campaigner and advocate for independent living from a young age. Having joined Kingston Association of Disabled People aged just 18, Ali has worked for a number of London Boroughs as an accessibility advisor. Ali has fought hard for his rights to own a home and have a successful career, despite the challenges of living with spinal muscular atrophy.
Photograph: ©Hydar Dewachi

  1. 1: Misconception by society Ali Kashmiri 02:04
  1. 2: Prejudice when living independently Ali Kashmiri 03:12
  1. 3: Power of direct action Ali Kashmiri 03:21

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Surname Kashmiri
Given name(s) Ali
Date of birth 1972
Place of birth Clapham, London
Date of interview 27 June 2017
Length of interview 01:09:37
Number of tracks 1
Name of interviewer(s)
Jen Kavanagh

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