Brenda Sands

Brenda Sands“We had a meeting to discuss how the service could be more flexible, because finishing at 10pm, people didn’t want to go to bed between 6pm and 10pm. It did make you reflect on exactly what was needed.”

Brenda Sands joined Kingston’s home care services in the early 1980s. in 1990, responding to requests from the community for more flexible care, Brenda worked on developing the specialist service, the Younger People with Disabilities Team. The team offered support and care to people under the age of 65 who want to live independently in the Borough. She continued her career in social care until her retirement in 2009.

  1. 1: Male staff on TPD team Brenda Sands 01:26
  1. 2: Intrusion and carers' needs Brenda Sands 01:38
  1. 3: Work of the YPD team Brenda Sands 03:06

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  1. Full interview Brenda Sands 01:05:23

Surname Sands
Given name Brenda
Date of birth 1944
Place of birth Carshalton, London
Date of interview 1 June 2017
Length of interview 01:05:45
Number of tracks 1
Name of interviewer Jen Kavanagh

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