Christine Stuart

Stuart“With Andrew, he and I have a terrific understanding between us. He has a very clever way of putting words together, but sometimes if you’re not on the right wavelength and you don’t totally understand, there can be fireworks.”

Christine Stuart had her son Andrew in 1978. Malpractice at birth resulted in Andrew developing cerebral palsy, and so Chris and her husband have worked tirelessly to get the care that Andrew needs. Chris has campaigned for change to service charges and works as an advocate for others in the community who require support.

  1. 1: Andrew's development Christine Stuart 01:54
  1. 2: Working with Kath Turner and funding for Andrew Christine Stuart 02:16
  1. 3: Ongoing battle of receiving care Christine Stuart 02:53

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  1. Full interview Christine Stuart 01:39:01

Surname Stuart
Given names Christine Elizabeth
Date of birth 1944
Place of birth Gorseinon, Wales
Date of interview 19 May 2017
Length of interview 01:39:17
Number of tracks 1
Name of interviewers Uloma Paris, Jen Kavanagh

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