Jane Campbell

“In our minds we set independent living up thinking this would not be a pilot for very long, that it would become a choice, it would be what was on the menu of what was offered to disabled people.”

Baroness Jane Campbell DBE is a member of the House of Lords and a senior figure in the disability rights movement. Determined that living independently in the community as a disabled person was achievable, Jane worked with Ann Macfarlane to propose and pilot an independent living scheme in Kingston in the early 1990s, paving the way for direct payments for people in the Borough.
Photograph © Hydar Dewachi

  1. 1: Social model of disability Jane Campbell 03:11
  1. 2: Protests and arrests Jane Campbell 01:40
  1. 3: Meeting Ann Macfarlane Jane Campbell 02:54

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Surname Campbell
Given name(s) Jane
Date of birth 1959
Place of birth Kingston-upon-Thames
Date of interview 5 May 2017
Length of interview 01:13:53
Number of tracks 1
Name of interviewer(s) Jen Kavanagh

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