Jane Lawrence

Jane Lawrence“Trying to make a difference in the Borough. I’ve never been frightened of talking to whoever it may be and putting my point across and saying ‘what can you do to help?’.”

Jane Lawrence joined the Independent Living Scheme in 1993. Jane worked tirelessly for disability rights, both within Kingston and nationwide, having been the Chair for both Kingston Centre for Independent Living as well as the Disabled Drivers’ Association. She lobbied to Parliament and remained an active member of the disabled community until she sadly passed away in November 2017. We are honoured to have interviewed Jane and to have her stories captured.

  1. Extract 1: Independent living and campaigning Jane Lawrence 03:46
  1. Extract 2: Understanding finances Jane Lawrence 01:50
  1. Extract 3: Lobbying by networking Jane Lawrence 01:58

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  1. Full interview Jane Lawrence 01:01:27

Surname Lawrence
Given name Jane
Date of birth 1944
Place of birth Ripon, North Yorkshire
Date of interview 13 June 2017
Length of interview 01:01:29
Number of tracks 1
Name of interviewer Jen Kavanagh

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