Jennifer Carpenter

“I would go out and meet people because I wanted them to come to Eye Contact. I didn’t want them to be fearful of anything that was going on.”

Jennifer Carpenter lost her sight over a period of just three weeks. Dealing with this life changing disability as well as being the mother to a young son, Jennifer sought advice from Kingston Association for the Blind and soon became a proactive member of the blind community. She established an advice service called Eye Contact and continues to advocate for accessibility in Kingston.
Photograph: ©Hydar Dewachi

  1. 1. Losing sight Jennifer Carpenter 02:28
  1. 2. Crescent Resource Centre Jennifer Carpenter 01:16
  1. 3. Eye Contact Jennifer Carpenter 01:55

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Surname Carpenter
Given name(s) Jennifer Daphne
Date of birth 9 August 1950
Place of birth Belfast, Northern Ireland
Date of interview 14 June 2017
Length of interview 00:58:12
Number of tracks 1
Name of interviewer(s) Jen Kavanagh

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© Jennifer Carpenter