Jessica Johnson

“Wes was always known as Wes, and a lot of people say they forgot about the wheelchair because Wes didn’t really give you time to think much about that.”

Jessica Johnson was married to Wesley Johnson for over 40 years. Paralysed following a motorbike accident aged just 21, Wes didn’t let his disability get in the way of leading a full life. Wes was an active member of Kingston’s music community, singing and performing in choirs across the Borough. He was also an advocate for accessibility, particularly regarding transport, until his death in December 2015.

  1. 1: Wes' accident & Stoke Mandeville Jessica Johnson 03:16
  1. 2: Community activities & care Jessica Johnson 02:56
  1. 3: Using buses in Kingston Jessica Johnson 02:19

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  1. Full interview Jessica Johnson 01:05:45

Surname Johnson
Given names Jessica
Date of birth 1952
Place of birth Surbiton, Surrey
Date of interview 30 May 2017
Length of interview 01:05:47
Number of tracks 1
Name of interviewer Jen Kavanagh

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