Patricia Page

“It doesn’t come as second nature to people to consider people with impairments. In some cases you do have to fight for it, but it is quite exhausting to constantly remind people and justify why you want something.”

Pat Page became disabled following a car accident in 1984. Quickly learning about the challenges faced by wheelchair users, Pat became involved with advising organisations across the Borough on access policy making, including a major report for Kingston Hospital. Pat supports Kingston Centre for Independent Living and continues to fight for the rights of the disabled community.
Photograph: ©Hydar Dewachi

  1. 1: Advising Kingston Hospital Patricia Page 03:41
  1. 2: Having a voice Patricia Page 02:35
  1. 3: Fight continues Patricia Page 01:44

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Surname Page
Given name(s) Patricia
Date of birth 1951
Place of birth Liverpool
Date of interview 17 May 2017
Length of interview 01:04:14
Number of tracks 1
Name of interviewer(s) Zoe Perry, Roshani Poudel, Jen Kavanagh

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© Pat Page