Renny Wodynska

“I knew as soon as I met them, they were women who made it happen. They had a clear vision of where they wanted to get to.”

Renny Wodynska was working for Kingston Council when Ann Macfarlane and Jane Campbell approached them with their idea for the independent living scheme. A social worker by profession, Renny was excited by what was being proposed and wanted to support them to make it a reality. Renny continues to work in the care profession, and reflects on her days in Kingston as the best of her career.

  1. 1: Facilitating the scheme Renny Wodynska 02:22
  1. 2: Social model of disability Renny Wodynska 01:29
  1. 3: Achieving ambition Renny Wodynska 02:25

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  1. Full interview Renny Wodynska 51:46

Surname Wodynska
Given name(s) Renny
Date of birth 1958
Place of birth Birmingham
Date of interview 21 June 2017
Length of interview 00:51:47
Number of tracks 1
Name of interviewer(s) Jen Kavanagh

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