Robert Reilly

“Independence really means supporting you to live the way you want, rather than the way some medical minded people might think you should be doing. There shouldn’t be any limits. You’re independent, you should be able to do everything everybody else can do. The opportunities should be there.”

Robert Reilly joined Kingston Association for Disabled People in 2000, and continues to work for the organisation under its current name of Kingston Centre for Independent Living. Born with spina bifida, Robert understands the challenges faced by disabled peers in the community, and advocates for supporting KCIL’s service users to live independent lives.
Photograph: ©Hydar Dewachi

  1. 1: Education experience Robert Reilly 02:05
  1. 2: Starting at KCIL Robert Reilly 03:49
  1. 3: KCIL services & challenges Robert Reilly 03:40

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  1. Full interview Robert Reilly 40:29

Surname Reilly
Given name Robert
Date of birth 1956
Place of birth Isleworth, Middlesex
Date of interview 10 May 2017
Length of interview 00:40:41
Number of tracks 1
Name of interviewers Zoe Perry, Alisha Ale, Jen Kavanagh

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