Robert Shaw

Robert Shaw“When I got there…I mean it had a real pastoral role, and I’m glad to say it…still continues to this day to have a real heart and a care for the kids, so I think the relationships between the staff and students is, it’s different from what you’d expect in a mainstream secondary.”

Robert Shaw, or Bob to his friends, worked as a teacher and then as Deputy Headteacher at St Philip’s School in Tolworth. Providing education for students with special educational needs, St Philip’s is an excellent example of the specialist provision available within the Borough of Kingston. Robert’s interview reflects on his career at St Philip’s, and his thoughts on the special educational needs system in general.

  1. 1: Starting at St Philips Robert Shaw 01:29
  1. 2: Proudest achievement Robert Shaw 02:44
  1. 3: Hopes and concerns Robert Shaw 03:48

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  1. Full interview Robert Shaw 01:17:30

Surname Shaw
Given names Robert Thomas
Date of birth 1954
Place of birth Peterborough, Cambridgeshire
Date of interview 15th May 2017
Length of interview 01:17:45
Number of tracks 1
Name of interviewers Ijeoma Aniyeloye, Rhian Betty, Jen Kavanagh

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