Sophie Ugle

Sophie Ugle photograph“Rachel needs to be stimulated and be active, to feel cared for. And the only way you can achieve that with somebody that’s non-verbal is by one-to-one engagement with intensive interaction, and we need far more skilled practitioners going that.”

Sophie Ugle is the mother of three children, including Rachel, who has profound learning disabilities. Wanting to return to work and finding the childcare provision for disabled children to be severely lacking in Kingston, Sophie has worked tirelessly to campaign for better services. She co-founded the Kingston Special Needs Group and has won awards for her efforts to improve the lives of other parents with disabled children.

  1. 1: The Malden Centre Sophie Ugle 04:23
  1. 2: Kingston Special Needs Project Sophie Ugle 03:19
  1. 3: Provision for learning disabled community in Kingston Sophie Ugle 02:52

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  1. Full interview Sophie Ugle 01:27:05

Surname Ugle
Given name(s) Sophie
Date of birth 1960
Place of birth St John’s Wood, London
Date of interview 12 July 2017
Length of interview 01:27:08
Number of tracks 1
Name of interviewer(s) Jen Kavanagh

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